Simmons Hydrant Lengths

Simmons Hydrant Lengths

Simmons Manufacturing Company

The Frost Proof Yard Hydrant provides running water for lawn and garden, livestock and fire  protection all year, even in sub-zero temperatures. The shut-off valve operates below the frost line. Hydrant cannot freeze because when it is closed, all water in the standpipe drains out a hole in the valve which is set in the ground below the frost line. Hydrant spout operates at a convenient height (24 inches) from the ground level so that it can spill into a stock tank. Adapter (No. 8828) is threaded for 3/4″ hose. Hydrant can be easily installed anywhere water is supplied under pressure. To prevent unauthorized use, handle can be padlocked by inserting padlock into holes provided in handle and head.

The SIMMONS SANITARY YARD HYDRANT is engineered to be fully self-contained and easily serviced in the field. It permits water flow year-around, even in freezing weather, yet there is no ground contamination nor contamination of the water supply. This hydrant drains back into the stainless steel canister.

Simmons Sanitary Hydrant incorporates a nozzle-venturi adapter( located above-ground for serviceability), and a stainless steel underground canister with the time proved, dependable, basic Simmons yard hydrant design. When the hydrant is off, plunger seals against the valve seat and stops the flow. Water remaining in riser pipe drains back into the canister which is buried below the frost level.

When the hydrant is on, flow through the nozzle creates a vacuum which empties the canister through the hose bibb.

Because the hydrant drains into a sealed canister and not into the ground through a “drain outlet”, the water never comes in contact with the soil. This conserves water and avoids possible contamination of your water supply.